Alaska: 2014


Alaska 2014


August 2014

Team Members: 26

Houses Worked On: 5+


My favorite memories from this trip:  The sheer beauty of Alaska - the pictures don't do it justice.  Watching team members jump into a glaicial lake.  Learning the difference between a black bear and a brown bear and how to handle run-ins with each.  Realising that Alaskans are the most resourceful and self-sufficient people I've met.  Talking with Bhutanese refugees who were receiving Habitat housing, and hearing their stories of living for years in refugee camps before being blessed with a new beginning.  Watching the sun set at 11 pm.  Seeing moose.  Watching salmon swim upstream and realising that there are more kinds of salmon than I ever knew.  Experiencing a house dedication and getting to see a deserving family get the keys to their new home.