Extending Your Trip

Extending your Travel – Other things to do in Alaska

If you'd like to come early (before May 1) or stay late (beginning May 9th) even just a day or two, there is plenty to do in Alaska!!  Please remember that your fundraising and included trip insurance only covers "team time" and cannot be used toward extended travel.  Additionally, Habitat does not make arrangements for extended travel - it must be arranged by you.  However, you will meet plenty of Alaskans who can give you suggestions on their favorite places.  Most of the suggestions below were provided by our coordiantor Petra, who is originally from Girdwood!


Extending your trip 1-2 days, or want to stay near Anchorage?


Have a couple days to spend or want to explore areas around Anchorage?

Girdwood, AK (Less than 1 hour south of Anchorage)


Seward, AK ( > 2 hours south of Anchorage)

  • Great combo trip with Girdwood
  • Note that we will already be doing a trip to Seward to see the Kenai Fjords as part of the build
  • Great fishing and easy access to ocean charters
  • Seward Sealife Center: http://www.alaskasealife.org/
  • Glacier Hikes
  • Flightseeing tours
  • Kayaking (including overnight guided kayaking)


Talkeetna, AK (About 2 hours north of Anchorage)

  • Great stop if you’re headed north to Denali
  • Gateway to the Alaska Range
  • Mountain community with lots of artists and a great music scene
  • Great river fishing


Have a few days to spare and want to explore other parts of Alaska?

Homer, AK (about 5 hours south of Anchorage)

  • Ocean side community
  • Has tidepools, kayaking, and great halibut fishing
  • Amazing hiking trails
  • Local art & music scene


Denali National Park (about 4 hours north of Anchorage)

Please note that Denali and surrounding amenities do not generally open until May 15.

  • Take the train or drive up
  • Busses take visitors into the park, where you can get out and hike, view scenery, mountains & wildlife – you just catch the next bus you see in either direction
  • View the tallest mountain in North America (it may take a couple days to unhide itself from the cloud cover)
    • Local tip:  While we may have all learned about this mountain named Mount McKinley, Alaskans have always referred to it as Denali – the same as the name of the park.  After 30 years of trying to get the mountain’s name officially changed to Denali, the federal government of the USA made it official in late 2015.
  • Camping, cabin, and hotel options are available
  • If staying outside the park check out the 49th State Brewing Company.  It was one of my favorite restaurants on my last trip.